How to Say You Are My Life in Nepali Language

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How to Say You Are My Life in Nepali Language

How to say you are my life in Nepali language: Nepali language, the language which is similar to Hindi language and it is written in Devanagari.  Well, people think it is very simple language but as for the reality it is not as easy as we people think.  If you are a Nepali language speaker than it might not be a big deal to speak the fluent and correct form of language but if your first language is not Nepali then it will definitely take a serious and hard effort to learn this language.

How to Say You Are My Life in Nepali Language - learn nepali language through english language
How to Say You Are My Life in Nepali Language

In this language, there are not a less number of the alphabet like in English which has only 26 alphabets. But Nepali language has 36 consonant and 12 vowel and many more symbols to learn to be a good speaker of this language.  Due to the limited native speaker of Nepali language and difficult sentence structure, it is very complicated to learn. Here, complicated doesn’t mean impossible to learn this language as long as one is very interested and give their complete devotion to learning this language.

Like in any other languages there are many phrases that are used in daily life while speaking the Nepali language. Well, if you are interested in learning the Nepali language to speak with the Nepali people than you need to learn the handful of Nepali phrases. Once you are able to use the phrases in speaking then you will be able to say other things like the good night in Nepali language, good morning, you are very pretty, you are my life and so on.


Expressing your feeling to the someone special or to your loved one is very important. These days it has been very popular that you let the people you like know about your feeling before it is too late. The youngsters of today’s generation express their feeling to their loved ones in the English language and they find it easy to express in English as it has been very popular these days.

We know it is easy to the person who is good at English and understands it well but as we know everyone in our country are not able to understand the foreign language. Only a small group of a teenager is good at English and can express their feeling and only a small group of people understand the English language. These days it has been the trend that we express our feeling to our loved ones in our mother tongue. The person who is expressing and the person who is receiving the message both will be able to understand and be clear about the feeling that one is expressing. Everyone is interested in expressing their feeling in the understandable language while saying it face to face or even while sending the text email or any other form of the message too.


Actually, there are many ways of expressing their feeling to their loved ones in any language. Here we are discussing the ways of expressing our feeling in the Nepali language so the one who is not able to understand the other language can also express their inner feeling to the loved one in their desired language that is in the context of this article we are discussing the Nepali language. Here we have discussed the different ways of expressing the feeling to the loved one that is your parents, your partner, your friends, or to the near and dear one to yours. It also may be to the children of yours or the collogue with who your work and spend most of your time with them.


How to say you are my life in the Nepali language.

Out of many ways here we have listed few ways of saying you are my life:

  1. Timi Nai mero Zindagi ho: तिमी नै मेरो जिन्दगी हो

The most common way of saying that you are my life in Nepali is timi  nai mero Zindagi. This phrase is commonly used to say your feeling to the loved one or to the life partner. When you need to convinced that you really love to the person next to you and can’t imagine your life without that person than we use this phrase.  This phrase has the deep meaning that states “if you are not with me than my life is incomplete or impossible”. “ My life would not be able without you”.  “You mean a lot to me and I can’t imagine my life without you”.

  1. Ma mero Jeevan timi bina sochna pani sakdina: म मेरो जिवन तिमी बिना सोच्न पनि सक्दिन

The meaning of this phrase is that I can’t imagine my life without you.  This can be applied to the loved one i.e. your life partner or to the elder one who means a lot to you. It can be also said to the children of yours who are your life and they mean everything to you.

  1.  Timi Bina yo Sansar ma Bachna rahar chhainae: तिमी बिना यो संसारमा बाँच्न रहर छैन

This phrase is the one who you love and want them to know that they are very important in your life. This phrase has a deep meaning of living without the one you love is useless and is trying to say that I don’t wanna live in this world without you having in my life. This is specially said by the lovers to each other and make them theirs for the rest of the life.

To the elder than we like to our brother, our sister, and to our parents we can also say like hujur huru nai mero Sansar ho. Hujur huru bina ma sansar ma bachna Kura sochna pani sakdina.

Well, it is very true that we are brought into this world by our parents and taught everything to survive in this world. The phrases that are said are very heart touching and touches everyone’s heart. When we realize the importance of our parents in our lives and we really appreciate for their contribution in our life then we say those phrases with lots of love and with lots of inner emotion. Those phrases are not only for saying they mean a lot to us and as well to the one whom we say those phrases.

4. Ma timi bina kehai sochna pani sakdina: म तिमी बिना केही सोच्न पनि सक्दिन

The other way of saying that you are my everything is ma timi bina kahai sochna pani sakdina ho. Here this phrase can be used to both your loved partner better half, husband or wife. Similarly, it can be used to your own child who has completed your life and you are the parents of them. Yes, of course, our children are our pride and means of living and they mean everything to us. They are part of us and yes every parent in this world love their child and they mean everything to them. So in the Nepali language, we can express love to our kids by saying the phrase that “ma/Hami timi bina kahai sochna pani sakdinau”.

5. Hujur huru nai mero sansar ho, mero zindagi ho: हजूर हरु नै मेरो संसार हो, मेरो जिन्दगी हो

This world is filled with the love.  There are different kinds of love. The love that is between two heart that we called between the couple who later become parents and life partner of each other. This love is known as love between the girl and boys. Similarly, there is also another relation and there exists love like between brother and brother, brother sister, sister and sister between friends and so on. Similarly, there is the love between the kids and the parents, the kids who get their life from the parents and get all the knowledge about the way of living and leading their life from them. well, the love between the parents and the children is always unconditional. Here, a child cannot imagine his/ her life without their parents so they say hujur huru nai mero Sansar ho, mero Zindagi ho. This phrase in Nepali is commonly used to say that you are my life in the Nepali language.

Also, there are many other ways of expressing that you are my life in the Nepali language.  To different people of our life, we express love differently and say that what they mean to us. We express that they are our life and what other means to you and without them, our life would be incomplete and meaningless. It is also good to know what your / our place in someone heart and life. What you mean to that someone. Well, this is the life where we exchange love and our feeling to other.

This habit of exchanging our feeling and letting someone what they mean to you make other people realize you love them and their presence has importance in your life.  Well sometimes if someone means a lot to you and if you cannot express the gratitude toward them then it may hurt them a lot. So it is necessary that you express your feeling at the right time and let them know that what they mean to you.

Letting know someone that they are your life or knowing that you are someone life is very special feeling.  This is very important that you appreciate someone love and their importance in your life. Well, above we have listed different ways of saying that you are my life in Nepali language.  To the point that is listed above you can choose any one which suits you and expresses your feeling to them so they will know what you have heart knowing your relationship with that person.

Well, love and to be someone your life means very important to you as well as to those who are your life. So while expressing our feeling we need to identify our relationship with the person and say it whether in the formal or informal way by choosing one of the best options from the above list. The art of saying that you are my life to someone in the correct way will save you from many unwanted hassle and problem.  Whenever somebody is proposing one thing to you, rather than going right into it so as to please the person, you’ll instead use your freedom and a private option to answer the question.

After reading this article language is no often a terribly discoursing sometimes since we are not doing nor wishing you to harm and insult the emotion of the opposite person. But let another know that it’s an honest issue to be able to say no once you ought to. Well, language is not a problem to express your feeling without hurting the other person. Sometimes without knowing we will be hurting someone due to the correct form of the language and the right phrases to use it. If you’ll politely or courteously in a well-mannered way and gracefully flip down the supply in your own way, then it’s sensible for you. This way, you are doing not ought to do something that the opposite person is proposing to. It’s in your profit that you just acumen to mention no on several occasions.

So, after reading this article we tend to get to conclude the ways in which during which you’ll say that you are my life in Nepali language. Well if you need to express your feeling to the someone who wanted to know it in Nepali than the above article and the phrases will definitely be helpful to you. Similarly, if the person who wanted to express the feeling of saying you are my life to the Nepali speaker by the non-Nepali speaker than this article will be very helpful. Well, this article is helpful to both Nepali language speaker and non-Nepali language speaker as it has listed and taught the way of saying that you are my life in a different way.

So, we can choose one of the above phrases according to the relation that we are trying to express our feeling and let them know that they are everything to us. Well, you as a reader should not be disappoint after reading this article if you are confused about the way of expressing your feeling to your near one and if you don’t know what to say and express your feeling in Nepali language to both Nepali native speaker and to whom they are interested to learn Nepali and say their feeling in Nepali language.

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