How To Say | Write You Are Looking Beautiful in Nepali Language

How To Say | Write You Are Looking Beautiful in Nepali Language

How To Say You Are Looking Beautiful in Nepali Language: – The words and the sense you are willing to know reflect the wish of praising someone. It is also one f the important and needy words which you need to use in many steps and action to make them happy and impress. It is shown that when anyone praises someone, they become happy. That is why praising is related to the medicine of making anyone happy and conducive. It is that medicine and terms which even converts aggressive man into smiling face. That is why those who have habits of praising become the favorite of everyone.

How to say write or praise you are beautiful in Nepali language - Learn Nepali through English

How to say write or praise you are beautiful in Nepali language – Learn Nepali through English

They are loved and liked by everyone. If you are foreigners, then it is very much necessary even to prevent any kind of assault and insult. It sometimes happens that even a person makes mistake, if they have knowledge of diverting the means and situation or ideas of admiring then, he or she does not get beaten by words. It is very strong habits of making someone hypnotized too. If you want to impress anyone, then firstly you must have to start your action by the admirable word which will also make their mind and heart dedicated towards you.


Otherwise, you may have to accept the insult and may sometime make you compelled to pay compensation. Actually, in the context, the sense of saying you are beautiful generally indicate the ladies or female. So here are many identifications of the female which you need to know for saying that you are beautiful in Nepali.

How To Say | Write You Are Looking Beautiful in Nepali Language

1. Saying you are looking beautiful to bar girl or restaurant girl:

TimiSanga aafulaai lepetna man lagchh,
lageko tirkha timro sundarta ko panile metna man laagchh.
Timi kati dherai sundar chhau, ma bhanera bujhauna sakdina.


The words are expressed in the admiration of girl’s beauty in poetry manner which even describes her beauty. Especially bar girl or restaurant girl refers to a prostitute or of same manners. Hence, when you are willing to tell that you are beautiful to them then you have to think very seriously. If you make mistakes, then they think that you are teasing or making her fun. You must have to also show respect and dedication of love towards her to make her attractive.


After looking the words, I think you have known that this kind of sentiment and phrase can be only told by the boys to prostitute girls for achieving their desire. When you wish to make your stimulus dream fulfilled with pub girl, then you should have to become somehow wild for adjusting to her. Mainly, it is also seen that such boys only visit the pub for getting sexual pleasure. This is also the art of alluring the pub girl at a very cheap rate and getting ultimate delight. The upper sentiment written in Nepali narration reveals that you want to duck in her beauty and remove your thirst in it. Next line speaks that, you are very beautiful that even I don’t know how beautiful you actually are. This is the way of saying beautiful to any bar girl.

2. Saying you are beautiful to any actress:

Tapie sacchai dheri sundar hunuhunchh,
Malai tapaiko sundarta le manai lovyayo.

This is also one of the best tricks of impressing or saying you are beautiful to Nepalese actress. I think you even get confused that how Nepalese actress gets interact with us. Therefore, you have to understand that, there happen many such programs where you can see any of Nepalese actress making their placement. Mostly this case applies to a high level person who mostly takes part in such program.

There are many rich people who even come Nepal to attend any party or programs, especially as a chief guest. Furthermore, for normal r common person can also get a chance to meet with Nepalese actress as they make their attendance anywhere. If we talk about the essence of Nepalese narration to say that you are beautiful to actress then you to have shown some respect and some craziness too. So for it, you can say the upper narration which will exactly make her impressed. Your saying words in Nepali narration will make them feel in a realistic manner if you say it from your core of the heart. The above Nepali narration reflects that you are really very much beautiful and I even get traced by your beauty.

3. Saying you are beautiful to a normal girl or common girl:

Naani timi dherai sundar chhu,
timilaaie dekhere sachhai mero eua saathi ko yaad aauchh.

It is one of the sensible and sensitive cases in Nepal. As you know that girls are here treated as the goddess. So while praising and saying these things with negative intention may return your negative consequence. While you look any beautiful girl then you have to first think and then make your conversation with her. Otherwise, when you say it in teasing manner, then you may be sent to jail.

Common girl and local society are very active in the matter of girl harassment, torturing and giving any kinds of action against it. The rules of the country will leave you but they will not make you safe or keep your security. The art and model of saying you are beautiful are very much effective. Since you have to follow the upper narration for saying you are beautiful to Nepalese street or common girls. The above sentiment or narration refers that you are very beautiful and even I have a friend who has similar looks like you. After saying this words no any girl comes in a stroke of response.

4. Saying you are beautiful to waiter or hotels girl:

Hello, tapai aaj dherai sundar dekhirahanubhaeko chh,
tapai dheria sundar hunuhunchh.

It depends up on the shape and size of hotels where you are staying. If you like the beauty of any hotel girl or especially the waiter. Mostly it is seen that waiter have good looks which makes you even in stare at her. Hotel girls are also known as high girls. And high girls need high respect and prestige. You treating also make a great difference with them .when you visit any girl, if any beautiful girl means waiter comes to ask for the service, then at that time also you can reply with these words which will make her impress and services your something good as you want.

Mostly, it is seen that waiter or any hotel girl have beautiful looks. Even though, the hotel comes in public place because of there many people. The way of anything that you are beautiful might be slight. The narration simply defines that you are looking today very beautiful and then you are beautiful. The first sentence has made second sense more assertive to make the presentence. Actually, you have to first make the environment conduce and stable to say this kind forward to hotel girl for any positive service.

5. Saying you are beautiful administrator ladies or traffic ladies:

Tapai govt. dress ma dherai sundar lagirahanubhaeko chh.
Tapai dherai ramro dekhirahanubhako chh.

This is the styles of you can say the version of saying you are beautiful in Nepalese language. Nepalese language needs the sense, perfect sentence along with styles to formulate the best way. So that it even touches her heart. When you say to any police ladies or mostly to traffic ladies, then you have to become careful about the personal limitation.

Sometimes, even we come out with any kinds of obstacle or obstruction by saying this sentence to girls. Therefore, while saying this word to any traffic police, you have to present it in politeness with positive intention. The narration reveals the essence that you are looking more glorious in govt. dress and you are also looking very beautiful. You can add this sentence by beginning with some of the other sentences first. When you start with this words, then they may take you or react you as you are teasing her. Government ladies are also very beautiful in Nepal.

6. Saying beautiful to government ladies or officer:

Tapaiyo dress ma dherai sundar dekhirahanubhaeko ch
Tapie dherai Sundar dekhinuunchh.

This is the actual and respective way to say you are beautiful mostly to any government officer. Government officers are lawful people and hold the power. Therefore, you even single mistakes makes blunder insult. So while saying these statement or praising the government ladies officer in Nepal, you have to maintain your level and respectiveness. The upper words describe the sense that you are looking very beautiful in this dress and more you are looking awesome today. When you use the words like tremendous, it reflects the negative intention which even makes you arrest in the accuse of teasing and hitting personal respect of her post and ladies. In Nepal, the law of girls case is taken strictly than of any boys.

7. Saying you are very beautiful to any politician:

Hajur aaj dherai ramro dekhirahnubhaeko chh.
Tapaai dherai sundar hununchha,
tapaelaai sabaile man parauchh.

This three phrase can be used to praise and say the sense that you are looking very beautiful. It is rarely seen that any ladies politician are beautiful. It is hard to find the beautiful ladies or young ladies in politics in Nepal. Nevertheless, there exist few who have radical beauty and impressive lifestyles or personality. If you are fortunate then you might get the chance to meet with many beautiful ladies.

You have to know that, all the ladies have the same feeling internally even they hold any post. Without fear you can say these sentence to make her impress. Above content of narration means, your beauty is today more glittering and you are looking beautiful too. When you have more time to stay wither, then you can speak more words in the paragraph about your targeted subject. In short, or even you get a chance to meet slightly, you can here make your flow of words in a systematical manner.

8. Saying you are beautiful to school or college girl:

Hello miss, timi ta dheria ramri dekhirachhau,
Timro sundarta le ta dherai lai ghayal banuchh hola,
Sachikai, timi dherai sundar chhau

In this way, you can sum of your language of praising content to school or college girl. While speaking to college girl of Nepal, you have to maintain some politeness and character. There are many boys who have habits of teasing girls moving on the road and even abuses indirectly with the non-vegetarian word. These words have opposite reaction to Nepalese girls. Thus, when you make the plan for impressing any school girls or college girls, you have to keep in control of your emotions. Nepalese girl has scaled behaviour but internally they are very hopeful. So you can even say in the upper narration to Nepalese school girls for making her your own. If your intention is only to praise her beauty, then you can even directly say it.

9. Saying you are beautiful to model:

Tapai dherai sundar hunuhunchh,
Tapaiko sundartale dhamal machaunechh bholi ko dinma,
Tapaiko rup ko diwana dherai chhan yaha.

This is the highly impressive vocal which even makes her impress by you when you say this words in some stylish manner. Model means the beautiful girl who is one step back from the actress or we can also say her as a future actress. In Nepal, there are a large number of models and all are beautiful. When you saying or praising the beauty of Nepalese model, then you have to add some best wishes to it. This action will even melt her view and attitude towards you. Upper forms of narrated Nepalese language will work as best factors for saying you are beautiful to model.

10. Saying you are beautiful to adults couple:

Tapaiko sundarta jhai tapaiko Jodi pani sundar chh,
Tapaiharu sadhai yestai nai basnuhola.

This is also the way to say or encourage the life of adults couple. Adults couple are an example of vivid life. If they have well and happy life without any internal disputes between them, means they have very well life. Nowadays, it is seen, many people do not have the entire life adjustment with a single wife. Due to the various argument, sometimes it takes bigger size and conflict starts. So when you try to say you are beautiful then you should say in the upper narration which even make their love and sharing of happiness always vivid.

Write: Dipak Sah