How to Say | Ask What Is The Date Today in Nepali Language

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How to Say | Ask What Is The Date Today in Nepali Language

How to Ask Today's Date in Nepali
How to Ask Today’s Date in Nepali

What is the date today is another popular phrase that is usually used by Nepalese people in their daily life. Well, this phrase doesn’t have any kind of varieties of expressions. People use this same phrase to all aged people to know the date.

This question can be asked of anyone known and unknown people in the same way. This is a very formal way of asking someone the date of the particular day.

Aja ko miti Kati ho? What is the date today?

In the Nepali language, the word “Miti” refers to the “date”. Most of the Nepalese people follow their own Nepalese calendar which is quite different than the English calendar.Nepali Calendar includes their own kind of festivals and languages.


So if you want to know the date that is followed by the whole world, for that you need to ask them by saying “Aja ko English miti Katiho?” If you would ask this question to anyone then they will surely reply you the date of that particular day.

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