How to Say Nice to Meet You in Nepali Language

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How to Say Nice to Meet You in Nepali Language

In human behavior, it is necessary to show respect and greeting to make them happy and liked you. This action works as pincher of the human feeling. Everyone has their own identity and principles and everyone has some expectation from others.  People have their own statistic which makes their impression and identification great and established. Many people even do not have a habit of saying something when they meet and get left. It is said that a human should have all kinds of feeling and that should be expresses whenever needed.

Similarly, how to say nice to meet express that its uses mostly comes when people meet with another. Maybe the meeting person has their own status and reputation. But when meeting with any person, at that time, we mostly use it in their aspect and make them happy. People also use it to maintain and continue their relationship in a melodious way. Human is interdependence upon other. A simple sense also shows the personal attitude and their thought.

How to say Nice to Meet You in Nepali language - learning nepali through english language
How to say Nice to Meet You in Nepali language – learning Nepali through English language

Talking about its uses and modes of presentation in Nepalese language, it has its own speciality and functionality which works as one of influencing and pleasing factors to impress and make them happy too. That is why the use and styles, sense and specimen of saying of nice to meet is expressed in a different situation. The following statement and means of presentation of saying nice to meet you make your language sweeter and confer you the support to maintain and build the new relationship with many unknown and known people more strongly.


1. Saying nice to meet you to any abnormal people:

Tapaiko ko kriyakalap le mero man jityo, tapai sanga bheter khushi lagyo.

This is the actual styles of saying nice to meet you in Nepalese language.  Present saying makes them also more efficient to confer them supportive action. It happens much time, when we are moving in our own path, we see some unnatural and unique man who have their own special humour and styles. Their action and activities even enchant our mentality and motion. We become obliged to inspire and encourage them. Everything has the limitation, if it crosses, we confide our argument and statement. In the same context, you can use the upper Nepalese narration for making them also inspire and express your positive feedback. Your feedback will also make them motivated and stay them always being the same. At that time, we want to express something. Some of our thought and argument also remains implied due to confusion and suspicion of saying or not saying.


2. Saying nice to meet you to any VIP guest:

Tapiasang better derail prasnna chuu, tapaisanga bheter khusi bhaye.


If you belong to any reputed organization, or from any reputed groups or roofs, you even get any chance to share your sit with d VIP guest. VIP guest is those guest who is called specially for any programs and function. They are invited personality to make their attendance at the function and program. Far from the subject, even sometimes normal people get lucky chance to meet with any VIP person.  At that time, you have to use some modern and impressive Nepalese language to make them influence. When you such effective words to make them on your own trap, this words will play a basic role.

3. Saying nice to meet you to a friend after meeting a long time:

Dheria dinpachhi betghat vayo, hamro bhet vairakhos,timi sanga bheter  dherai khusi lagyo.

It happens generally when we become far at any specific point, and if we meet after a long time, we start to talk very long time, we even start to sculpt the matter and incidence of past that we used to do. All the secret exposed there. After a long meeting of ends, also makes us pleasure. The time and tide never wait for anyone and we know that no one has come with us and no one with go with us. Therefore, everyone is playing their own role according to their own plan and strategy. Hence, the matter comes in the saying of nice to meet you. At the end, when we get comes in the mode of separating, we say nice to meet you which even delivers the sweet moment in both of you. The situation has the very tough condition and you can’t tell and say this statement in so easy manner. Friends are known as best closeness partners of life.  The above sentiment will create the sensation in their mind because it has such influencing words which makes them feel like the true bond.

4. Saying nice to meet you with actors:

Tapaikosangko bhet kahile birsine chhian, tapai sanga bhetere dherai khusile gagdgad chhu.

The situation that you are expecting does not come generally. The actor has their own life and rule of moving. They rarely or hardly seen in public places. Although, if you get chance to meet them, then you can say the upper narration which makes them feel like you are really his likers. Nice to meet you itself stand and present their meaning as one of the happiest moment that you are feeling.

Actors mostly are shown in any special programs where they are personally or specially invited. In that events, if you are lucky to make your participation, then you can keep the statement of nice to meet you in Nepalese language. Nepalese actors are even much more busy in public inauguration, and different function. Some even call the actors for performance in their home in any special program. The above sentiment will shake up their mood and make your own format in their mind to recognize. Actors need respect and they keep the relationship with anyone if he or she is perfect and live as one of relationship maintainer.

5. Saying nice to meet you to the actress:

Tako sudarta ko prashnashak ma pani hu, tapai dherai sudar hunuhunchh,  tapasang whether lhusi lagyo.

The actress is very friendly too with girls. They respect girls mostly in the context of boys. They even afraid to meet with unknown guys. Even though, if you get chance to share your feeling and talk with her, then you can share it freely with love and admiration. While ending your conversation, you can use this magic word to make her compelled to recognize you. If you are girls, I think you do not have to face any specific problem and difficulties to meet and share your talks with the actress. But if you are boys, you have to first present your talks in impressive ways. Then after at the time of getting far, you can say the upper statement which makes permanent mark on her mind, you also become her hero.

6. Saying nice to meet you with any girls:

Tapaisanga ko bhet dherai ramailo rahayo, khusi lagyo tapiasang bhet bhayo.

It sometimes happens when we met any beautiful girls unexpectedly. We do not even know her but we start to talk about different stories and talks. After some time of talk, we become close. The situation defines their own meaning and sentiment. You even get close when you use this words at the time becoming far. There are many Nepalese ladies who talk with you easily when you call her. If you are a foreigner, it also becomes the matter of happiness for her. In Nepal, we you say this thing in Nepali, it makes them so mirth and happiness. At the heading of the journey, there come many girls some are known and mostly unknown, at the time it needs to say.

7. Saying nice to meet you to mentor;

Dherai dinpachhi ko yo hamro bhetghat nikaai nai abisarmniya rahanechh, tapai sadhai hamro samjhanama rahanuhunchh, tapai sanga bhetere dherai khushi laagyo.

It is one of the exciting conditions when you see any of the teacher or mentor who had taught you in the past.  It happens suddenly when you see mentor, who has given you some inspiration message and inspiration instruction that you never forget. This kind of message and blessing are not forgotten by any of the students. The student who love their teacher and mentor, they mostly become a success because of their blessing. If you have any relationship or gain any spiritual knowledge in Nepal, and get chance to meet you with him or her, then you have to use the nice to meet you Nepali narration in different forms to make them also very happy.

8. Saying nice to meet you to high profile personality:

Tapasanga ko bhet hunu kalpanbhanda bahir ko  kuro  ho, anyway, tapaisanga bhetere khusi lagyo.

It becomes difficult to say nice to meet you when we arrive face to face. A face to face appearance creates the situation more tough to handle. If you are a normal person and get interact with any high profile personality, at that time you have to express the admirative  sentiment.  And it is good for you to own identity. High profile person has their own attitude and you have your own. So to show your own love and value in his or her respect, you can say the upper statement which also make them impress.

9. Saying nice to meet you to the ex-girlfriend:

Timisanga ko punahabhet le bigat kar prasang, ghatanaharu laie pheri samjhanama lyaidiyo,  taiapani timisanag dherai dinpachhi bhetda khusi lageko chh.

This is one of sorrow incidence as well has also internally happiest moment. The incidence and moment happen neither to weep nor to laugh. The situation becomes tough. Even though, we have to express our stories fearlessly. Being we were in a relationship, there has become the formation of any specific relation. Therefore you can make your conversation more sweet and unforgettable after saying nice to meet you at the end. While talking to your ex-girlfriend you can apply the upper narrative of Nepali language.

10. Saying nice to meet you with an ex-boyfriend:

Timi sanga bityaeka dinharu ajhai pani ghochne garchhan, timisanga bhetere dheri khusi chhu.

This is also one of the indicating places where is need of nice to meet you expression.  At the time meeting with your boyfriend drastically n the way, it does become easy to start the conversation and when you once start, it also not become easy to end the conversation.  You can talk and close up your talking in a happy manner by showing you vivid love for him too which will even bring some happiness to his mind.

11. Saying nice to meet you with any politician:

Tapaisanga bhetter dherai Khushi lageko chh, pheri pani hamro bhet hos bane chahaanchhu,

In Nepal,  it is small country but has a large number of leaders in comparison to its size. So you may get the opportunity to interact and meet with any leaders in any convention, assembly or any function. The meeting of a political party is depended upon your identification. If you have good standard and position, you can meet up with any leader.  That is also the time to say nice to meet you while differentiating to keep the sweetness in relations and talks. You can use the upper Nepali language to make the relationship stronger.

12. Saying nice to meet you with any stranger in the journey:

Tapaijasto manchhe pani Nepal ma chh bhanero malie thaha thiyen, tapaisang bheter manmugdha bhaihaale, tapaisang bhetera dherainai khushhi laghy.

At the time of heading to any specific destination, and you meet that person who is also heading to the same destination that you are moving on.  This is also one of the delighted moment for you because you get new partners and supporters as friends.  You start talking initially about different topics. After talking some hours on the way, you even become a friend. The condition actually has become changed due to your and his identification sharing and talking. In that case, you can also express nice to meet you to impress them or sow your new friendship seeds.

13. Saying nice to meet you to any imposter or magician:

Tapaiko krikalap le dherai khusi banayo malai,  khusi lagyo tapai sanga bhet vayo.

There are many imposter men have their own learning techniques and skills. They have made their figures and imposter as their own identification.  You can also show many magicians who is showing the magic on the streets. At that time, if you get chance to see, then you can make them impress and influence too also by the upper narrative sentiments.

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