How to Say Looking Handsome in Nepali with English Meaning to Different People

How to Say Looking Handsome in Nepali with English Meaning to Different People

It is very important to use the most polite and sensible words by reflecting the wish to praise someone. In order to make someone happy and to impress them, it is very important to us to choose such words. As praising someone is just like a medicine to make them happy and cheerful. When you praise the angry man, then automatically smile came on his face. That is why people who praise other become the favorite of everyone.

If you coming to Nepal, then you must know the praising and insulting words which may be very beneficial to learn in your journey. If you want to impress someone then, you must know the praising words and you must start the sentence with the admirable sentence.You can show your respect or love towards them.

Today we are here with the most used sentences to praise the boy. We have mentioned the different ways to praise by saying looking handsome in Nepali. The sense of saying you are handsome generally used to indicate the boys. So, we are here with the different ways of saying handsome to the boy in Nepali. Check it out;


How to Say Looking Handsome in Nepali with English Meaning to Different People

  1. Timi dherai ramro dehiyekoxau;

The words are expressed in the admiration of boy’s charmingness in the proper manner which even describes his stunning personality. Hence, when you really find some boy handsome and willing to tell that you are handsome to any boy who is similar to age of yours then you have to think and say frankly. If you make mistakes, then they think that you are teasing or making fun of him. You must have to also show respect and dedication of love towards him to make him attractive. You can use this phrase to any boy may be stranger if you really feel that he is handsome. The word ramro means Attractive. Being a girl, if you say timidherairamrodehiyekoxau then, a boy will really blush.

  1. Tapai sacchai dherai Sundar hunuhunxa;

This is also one of the best tricks of impressing or saying you are handsome to any boy. If you find somebody really loos attractive and handsome then you can use this phrase. You can even use this phrase to impress the stranger too. At the first meeting, if you got the boy looks handsome then, you can use this phrase and if a boy is of the same age to yours then you can, later on, use the above phrase.


If we talk about the essence of Nepalese narration to say that you are beautiful to the boy whom you really want to be close then you to have shown some respect and some craziness too. This phrase is mainly used to the boy whose age and status is greater than yours. You can add some poem in the words of yours and exactly make him impress and it will make him feel in a realistic manner if you say the word from the core of your heart. So, for it, you can say the upper narration which will exactly make her impressed. Your saying words in Nepali narration will make them feel in a realistic manner if you say it from your core of the heart. The above Nepali narration reflects that you are really handsome and I even get mesmerized by your personality.


  1. Timi dherai aakarshak dehiyekoxau;

The phrase ‘timidheraiaakarshakdekhiyekoxau’ means you look so handsome to the boy. It is the cutest and sweetest sentence used for the boy to impress him. In Nepal, the boy is considered to start the conversation with girl and girl do not actually praise the beauty of a boy. But with time, the girl is doing all the things same like boys. So, if she finds somebody really handsome, then she can praise his beauty by using above sentence in Nepali.

The word ‘Akarshak’ means attractive in Nepali and ‘dekhiyeko’ means looking and ‘Dherai’ means more. The above sentence actually means you are looking more attractive which literally means you are looking very handsome. This sentence will obviously impress him and it is a very polite way of expressing your feeling towards him. You can use this sentence to address your friend, brother or stranger with whom you want to start your conversation.

In addition to this sentence, you can add more sentence, you can say timlaidekheramalai mero sathikoyaadaayo. This will ease for you to start the conversation with him and make you feel more comfortable.

  1. Timi aasaddhai dami dekhiyekoxau/ Hajur aasadhai dami dekhinuvayeko;

The phrase timiaasaddhaidamidehiyekoxau is the direct way of praising someone. Some boys are so handsome that makes you to even stare at him. As boys also need some attention and respect. How you talk with them, what type of word you are using, this makes a great difference. In a hotel, if you are going for the lunch/dinner and if you find the waiter taking an order of yours attractive and you can’t remain to praise him then, you can say this sentence which will make him impress and service you good with his warm heart.

The phrase, ‘Timiasaddhaidamidekhiyekoxau’ can be used to address the person similar to your age and status whereas, the phrase ‘Timiasaddhaidamidekhinuvayekoxa’ is used to address the person senior to you. You can even say this phrase to your brothers, maternal uncle, father if they ask you about their look or sometime if you really find them attractive then, you can use this phrase. The narration simply means that you are looking more stunning today. This type of phrase is also frequently used by people of Nepal to straight forwardly praise the beauty of a boy.

  1. Timlai/hajurlai yo dress dherai suhaykeoxa, timi/hajur nikai ramro dekhinuvayekoxa;

This is the different style of praising the beauty of boy in Nepali. In order to formulate the best way, the Nepali language need to be more sensible and perfect. So that it even touches his heart.

Boys look more handsome in black/blue shirts or t-shirts. If you find someone so attractive in some dress then, you have to use this phrase. This is the style of praising boy with praising his dress. You can use this phrase to your closed ones and others as well. You can use this phrase to praise the waiter boy, bank employer, or any person whom you feel so to praise. But you must use this phrase with politeness and with positive intention. The narration means that you are looking more attractive and glorious in this dress and actually you are so handsome. You can end the sentence with adding other sentences too. You must make him to feel that you are teasing him. So, praise him gently…

6.Timi dherai rupawan xau, ma sanga timro sundarta bayan garnasabdaharuxainan;

This above phrase can be used to praise and say the sense that you are looking very handsome to any boy you want to. There exist boys who have radical beauty and impressive lifestyles or personality. The above narration simply defines that, you are looking so handsome today. I can’t remain praising your beauty but I don’t have enough word to praise you. Don’t feel what will he think, simply say that sentence, he will surely feel good and it is the best way to impress him. If you like a boy and you want to make him yours then, without hesitation, you can use this narration. You must have to say so politely with respect. The style of saying something also matter most in impressing someone. Your personality is more glittering and you are looking so handsome today. This will make me to praise you. In the date, you can use this sentence to praise the boy whom you feel is attractive which will ease your conversation to start. You can use this word to address the senior but instead of word ‘Timi’, you must have to use the word ‘hajur’. You can use this phrase to praise your elder brother, senior, friend, your boyfriend or your husband. All you have to do is to use the phrase in a systematical manner.

7.Timro sundarta ley malai ghayal banayo;

In this way,you can praise a boy close to you or whom you have met before a while. While speaking to any boy whom you are meeting at first time, you have to maintain some respect and politeness. Firstly, boy will feel that you are teasing him. So, you have use this narration in a polite and sensible way to make him feel that you are seriously saying from the core of the heart. It is better if you do not use this phrase to praise the person senior to you. If you find your friend more attractive then you can use this way in a funny way and later on, you can say that I am seriously saying and feel so. Among friends, we can make fun and can express what we feel about. And also, we can add the sentence by saying, may you get the nice girl soon. In most of the friend, I think this kind of sentence are frequently used. In your first dating, if you find the personality of boy more attractive then, you can say, ‘Timiajadherairamrodehiykoxau, timrosundarta ley malaighayalbanayo’.Boy will surely impress by the praising style of yours.

  1. Timro sundarta ley malai maanmohak banayekoxa;

This is the highly impressive narration which even makes him more impress by you when you say this words in some stylish manner. Actually, maanmohak means crazy and delightness. You can use this narration to address the person of your similar age or if you want to use the same type of sentence for the person senior to you then, instead of word ‘Timi’, you can use the word ‘Hajur’. You can also use the word ‘Tapai’ but It doesn’t sound good. So, it is better to use the word ‘Hajur’. You can even add some sentence at the back of this narration. You can even say’ Mero bichar ma timi model bannuparxa’. This action will even change his view and attitude towards you. This will be highly impressive sentence to him. It will surely make him blush.

  1. Timi aja babbal/ jhakkas dekhiyeko xau;

This is also the way to say or praise the personality of a boy. This narration is not mostly used by people. But adults frequently use this phrase to praise the beauty of both boy and girl. Actually, babbal/ jhakkas means blastic and more attractive. If someone asks you about how they are looking then, you can use this word even to praise more and make smile on his face. If you find some boy attractive and if you really want to praise then, you better not use this word. The word actually is not so polite. Actually, the word babbal or jhakkas is not used by many people. As this phrase is used to address the person close to you. You can use this narration to your brother or friend. If you use the word ‘Hajur’ instead of word “timi” then this will suitable for your senior one. Actually, the phrase ‘Hajurajababbaldekhinuvakoxa’ can be only used to address the brother or friend senior to you. It is better not to use this word to the stranger or anyone around.

  1. Timi manxe love lagdoxau;

This is the polite and straight forward way of praising the boy in a different style. The narration actually means, I am allured by your beauty and you are such a handsome boy. This phrase is used to address your close friend or your boyfriend or your husband. You better not use this phrase to praise the person senior to you. This is the impressive way of praising a boy on your first date also.

So, if you really want to make a boy feel special or want to impress you then, you can use above sentences without any of the hesitations.