How to Say I Don’t Understand in Nepali Language – 10 Best Ways

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How to Say I Don’t Understand in Nepali Language: – Nepalese language is very easy language if you try it with the intention of learning it and committing with yourself. I don’t understand simply clears the case of not knowing anything that the opponent and frontier are saying. It happens when there is the presence of two or more bodies. It is one of the natural problems where there are more people. We very well know that the empty vessels sound much.

Similarly, it also happens to people. If there is talking or going conversation between two or more person, then some understand the others saying while some does not understand what he or she has exactly said. In Nepalese language, it reflects as one of the silence manners. However, you are a foreigner. So for a foreigner, it is also very compulsory to learn its uses and said forms. You may get difficulties in many places while talking to any other person.

If the person is unknown to you, then you may not know the words and subject what he said. Being foreigners, you have to also face the difficulties of language speaking. Speaking language helps to even make the complexity of language into easiness. Moreover, you are a foreigner and you have your own problem and additionally, you have to face the challenge in every step when you are in problem.


How to say i dont' understand in nepali language - learning nepali language through english langauge
How to say I don’t’ understand in Nepali language – learning Nepali language through English language

Without communicating with others, you cannot reach your targeted destination. Thus, when you land in Nepal, you should learn the Nepalese language. From them, the important words have been also here describe in long with the different situational assignment. There are many situations where there are probabilities of expressing I don’t know in Nepal. Some of them follow which helps you to communicate with people make your traveling journey easier.

How to Say I Don’t Understand in Nepali Language

1. Saying I don’t understand shopkeeper:

Sahuji ( if male) or sahuni (if female) tapaile boleko maile kehi bujhina, pheri bhannus ta.


It happens most of the time in the journey when we visit to shop for purchasing any things or materials. There is a different product in a shop and sometimes even we get confused to purchase or happens different mistakes.


Then shopkeeper even says something that may be in your favor not in himself too. When shopkeeper say something like to buy the substitutes produce in case of scarcity of demanded products in his shop. These kinds of confusion occur and you will not understand too. At the time it needs very well. You have act like the dumb through your hands even having speaking mouth.

Therefore to do better and wanted a transaction with the shopkeeper or with any other businessman, or to make good communication, it is essential needs to know its Nepalese narration. Therefore, the upper narration will help you efficiently for deriving the good communication.

2. Saying I don’t understand public transport:

Tapaile Kati fare bhannuvayo, maile ta kehi bujhina, pheri bhanus ta.

While traveling in public transport you suffer from language problem, then you may be charged high. Therefore, it is necessary to know about it in the Nepali language. When people speak in Nepali, they think that they are known to Nepal or staying here. You may be cheated and charge higher.

It happens when you land in Nepal. It is also not possible to reach everywhere without using public transport. Even, if you reserve your personal taxi, then there also occurs the suspicion to the taxi driver and they will say you the high fare.

Thus, to prevent from all these you should tellI don’t understand where you really do not understand his or her language what he spoke in upper Nepalese language. The upper language estates that you have not understood his saying so please repeat it again.

3. Saying I do not understand in any government offices:

Tapaiko Kura raamrosanga suniyena, pheri ek palta bolnuhunchha ki

Probably, the tourist does not know what to do what not to do, where to go first and where to go then after at the time of landing to Nepal due to change in the system and office layout. Although, there is writing but in the Nepali language which also increases their burden and tension.

Thus, you should know earlier for making your undoubtful and fluent conversation and fast passing in any office. It happens mostly when people come to the airport at the time of flying and landing both because of documentation. Meanwhile, if you learn this words only then your work will not get a pause in the way. When you say this in Nepalese language, they will again make you understand.

At that time, it’s very compulsory to make clear and knowable conversation to omit the doubt and suspicion. Besides it, when you also come for a visit to any national and big project where there is a system of ticketing. At that time, you need to know this words for communicating in right way. So for that condition, you can use the upper narration.

4. Saying I don’t understand waiter or hotel staff:

Ekpalta pheri bhaanus ta ahile tapaile k bolnu vayo. Tapiale boleko ma kehi bujhina

It is also one of the most happening cases in the journey. In the journey, we have to travel and accommodate in different hotels and lodging. When we make our accommodation in any hotel, then it becomes sure to communicate with hotel staffs and waiter mostly.

While demanding anything or at the time of paying the bill, or maybe in several cases, we even get confused and not listen to the exact words. In that case, it works as a solution to confusion. When you speak in Nepalese language, he or she even get confused and impressed. Being foreigner, if you speak some words in Nepalese language, you will get high respect and treatment.

Because they will be impressed by your language and thought to make you impress also by their services. At the time of having dinner also, such condition occurs you don’t understand what he said, later discuss and thinks about it.

So to eradicate such condition in Nepal, you should speak up the upper line for better communication and better understanding.

5. Saying I don’t understand police or administrative man:

Hajurle ke bhanubhayo, kirpya Ek palta pheri bhandinus na, maile ramrari bujhna sakina

It is also one of the determining situations where you have to perform your presentation in normal and gentle ways. Until you spend your time in Nepal, there is not fixed that you will not suffer from difficulties or any events.

Its the life of people and there is not any fixed and permanent platform for movement of life. In several cases, if you admit, then the solution can be only possible by the administrative. Sometimes, you may have to ask about the law and the ways with administrative people.

At that time also, you may not understand and it becomes hard to understand the actual speaking. The upper narration will work as helping kit to solve your difficulties and problems. When you use the top narration, then e or she will not persuade to say it. They even touch by feeling and saying with heart touching words.

6. Saying I don’t understand to a stranger:

Tapaile bhano ko maile ramro sanga bujhena, pheri Ek Palta bhandinus na

As you are moving and have a long-term plan of visiting in Nepal. Although, in the terms of visiting sometime you may get confused about the ways, hotels, bus booking, airport station and different other needed things.

There are many things which have not been given on the map too. The map is only the chart and displaying way and direction but it will not show you the specific wanted material and things. You may wish for staying in some specific hotel or may you desire to have any particulars food to taste.

All these things are not mentioned on the map. So for this, you have to ask the local people where you are searching ear about it. Local people are very well familiar with all the local places where the particulars are found. When you ask them, you may not get understand in first talks. So you have to request for repeating. In that case, you can use the upper Nepali language to make your desire fulfill.

7. Saying I don’tunderstand to friends:

Timi ka bochhau, ma kehi bujhdina, baru pheri dekhi bhana ta.

It is the natural case and happened generally. Even with friends, we do not understand what he has actually spoken. Apart from the subject, if you have Nepalese friend and have the plan to spend or visit the places with them. Nepalese friend and foreign friends, they both meet together and make the journey to any certain destination.

During the journey, they may have many talks and discussion. In such case, they may not understand their saying and sometimes they may not understand their saying. At that condition, it is better to use the above Nepali sentence to make the conversation and understanding clearly. Sometimes in friends, when we do not understand each other words, then it also arises disputes.

8. Saying I don’t understand to girlfriend:

Priya, pheri dehi yo kura bhana ta, maile ta kehi pani bujhna sakina.

It seems sometimes, there are many foreigners who have a dream of doing marriage with Nepalese girls. As we know that, Nepalese girls are so beautiful. Nepalese girls have their own fusion of n beauty which can even fascinate and chatter anyone. That is why also, their attitude mostly displays on Nepalese beautiful girls in the period, some even get success to do so.

Those who fall in love with Nepalese girls come to Nepal from time to time. In that sense, when you come to Nepal and for also doing melodious conversation, you need to speak up in Nepalese language. She speaks many words in Nepalese and if you don’t understand then you have to reply it.

So by the upper measure of texting, you can say that I don’t understand in Nepali. The upper Nepali narration will never arise any kinds of frustration, abashed due to language.

9. saying doesn’t understand any beautiful girls:

Timile boleko kura ko arth malie thaha vaeyna, pheri dekhi bhanchhau bhane ma bujhihalchhu.

If you see any beautiful girls in the ways and try to talk with her. After some times, even you started to talk because Nepalese girl does not mind to talk even with a stranger. When you become close, you may talk for a long time. In the series of talking or conversation, there arise many confusion and misunderstanding. In that case, also, you have to open your mouth in Nepalese language having same contents.

Speaking the words in Nepalese language to Nepalese girls also make her shocked and will become your liker. This will also help you to make the relationship close and unknown to known. You can make the good relationship with those whom you even had met yet before in the first meet. I don’t understand has been converted in Nepalese statement to present at the time of talking to beautiful girls.

10. Saying I don’t understand any high profile personality:

Hajursang Kura garda dheria khushi chu, tara maile you Kura bujhina, pheri bhannadida raamro hunthyo.

Talking with other and talking with high personality, there is a great difference because of their level and status. The bigger size has really too much weight and thing have a small weight. Similarly, when you speak with high profile person, then you have to maintain your discipline to present yourself as one of the wise people. High profile person refers may from any political party, any government officers, and businessman.

It these person stands in front of you and talking with you, you have to also maintain the postures to display yourself as real and start guys. At the period of talking, there may occur something or some statement which you may not understand. Recently, you have to take action and speaks in polite words to cut off those suspense and confusion words. You have to always know that half understanding is harmful.

Therefore you should know the all subject what he told to you. In that case, you should use the upper sentiment to deal with them and even intact save your personality too.

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