How To Say How Old Are You in Nepali Language – 21 Ways to Ask Age

How To Say How Old Are You in Nepali Language

How To Say How Old Are You in Nepali Language: – Asking somebody’s age, especially among women is supposed to be something offensive in today’s time. But there are times when one should ask the other person’s age. There are times when you might need to ask somebody’s age. So, in order to not come across as someone who is offensive, there are ways in which you can ask the age in a nice way so that you are saved from the blame of being offensive to the other person.

In Nepal, particularly, it is not a culture to be offended when somebody directly asks for the age. Instead, it is a common culture to ask for each other’s age as a sign of courtesy and communication. So, learn how to ask the age in Nepali. If you do not know Nepali then learning this phrase regarding how to say it in Nepali will definitely come in handy when you are to talk to each other about age. So, next time you need to ask somebody’s age, do learn this phrase and recall them as necessary while asking for the age.

There are few ways of asking the age in Nepali language and culture. It is not always that much of a moral dilemma as to whether or not to ask for the age. Unlike in the west, people in Nepal rarely get offended by such questions. In fact, they are used to answering these types of questions all their lives. It is not much of an issue of morality or something to be offended about. So, it is better than you learn these phrases so that next time you need to ask somebody their age, you can say these phrases.


Wherever we live in the world we learn to know the culture of that place. Wherever we live we need to know about the people and the place and the culture that is adopted in that society. Well, due to the highest peak Nepal is well known in the world these days. We have friends and family around here. Human nature is that they are always interested in knowing about the people around you. We want to know about their likes dislikes interest their aims hobbies and so on.



We need to learn the way of speaking the language where we live.  We need to be able to speak and ask the question in the way that the people understand.  To ask about the ones interest about their habit age likes and dislikes is art. The art of saying or asking the question in a proper way will save you from unwanted troubles and the things that you do not want to be a part of. Whenever we ask a question to someone they should not feel offend and ashamed instead they should be happy to answer the question.



Well, it is necessary to answer the question when someone asks any kind of question.  It is true that we need to answer but we also need to know how to ask the question properly in the desired language.  Here, we are discussing about learning Nepali language and the phrase that is useful in learning the Nepali language. It is necessary to learn the different language as everyone in this world do not speak the same language and we also don’t live in the same place always. As we are changing the places due to different purpose like for just having fun and traveling, sometimes for the purpose of working we are traveling. While traveling from one country to another we need to know the language of that place so we will be able to communicate and interact with the people of that place. Similarly to know about the place and the people of that place we definitely need to know their way of speaking so it will be more easy to communicate clearly.

Well, its human nature that we are very curious about the different thing that is happening in other places or in other life. It is also our nature and as well as our duty that we need to get the correct information about the place or the people we are concern about. So we need to know the proper phrase or the sentence that is used for asking the question.  Whether we are a native speaker of the Nepali language or not we need to know the correct form of speaking and also asking the question so it sounds correct to the listener and will be eager to answer your question. This also has the other benefit that we will get the required information from it.


Asking someone age directly also creates sometimes a problem due to their misunderstanding. Many people even take it negatively.As there is saying that, a salary of men and age of girl should not be asked. There is very few person who knows about its realistic why this matter should not be exposed. There also exist many people who do not want to hide their age and they even say it with curiously or courage. Mostly it is seen in the case of girls, they do not want to talk long about their age. Girls mostly keep their age secretly. When someone wants to sculpt its reason, then they found that girls age affect the negative impact on boys if her age is more.

Furthermore, girls have also desired that they always want to look young and shining. This is also the reason, girls do make up more. They care their skin more than the boys does for themselves. So that, when we compare the lighting of the face of boys and girls, then we can see that girls face have more glory and radiance than boys face. Meanwhile, when foreigners come to Nepal, they have to tackle many unexpected situations. So its also necessary to know about opponent age. Age factors also make difference in relationship maintenances. If the age is similar or around, then the thought also get some similarly which make the relational bound more strong.

How To Say Aks How Old Are You in Nepali Language - Learn Nepali through English Language

How To Say Aks How Old Are You in Nepali Language – Learn Nepali through English Language

Before learning the entire phrase, you must know few words in Nepali that is age. Those are Umer and barsa (बर्ष & उमेर); These two words represent the age in the Nepali language. You can use these words in the sentence to ask the question of what is your age. All you have to do is play with these words and make meaningful sentences in Nepali. Now, let’s get started with a simple phrase to ask what is your age?

How to ask a question how old are you in the Nepali language:

Here we have listed different ways of asking someone age in Nepali language using the proper phrase according to the level of respect that we need to provide to the people.

Here are the different person whom you can ask their age in different forms in Nepalese language. Nextly, the confusion of asking how old are you also get its solution by following:

How To Say How Old Are You in Nepali Language

  1. How to say how old are you to your younger brother/ sister/ strangers

तिमी कती बर्षको भयो? (Timi Kati barsa ko bhayeu? )

The most direct and easy way of asking somebody their age is by saying ‘Timi Kati barsa ko bhayeu’. Literally, the phrase translates to “What age are you?’. You can use this phrase to ask for the age of those who are younger to you. The pronoun timi is used for those who are junior to you. You can use this phrase for all your youngers like your distant cousins, strangers, kids at school or any other kids whose age you need to know.

  1. How to say how old are you to your elder brothers/sisters/ strangers

तपाई कती बर्षको हुनुभयो? Tapai Kati Barsa Ko Hunu Bhayo?

However, if the other person is older to you then you can just ask ‘Tapain Kati barsa ko hunubhayo’. Only the way of addressing is different because in Nepali you cannot use the same pronoun to address those who are older and those who are younger to you. The way of addressing differs according to the age, the seniority, and social standings too. So, be mindful of that before you use this phrase. If the other person is younger to you, say “timi kati barsa ko bhayeu?’ and if the other person is older you can say “tapain kati barsa ko hunubhayo?’. This is the easy way of asking someone their age without offending them simply. You can use this phrase to everyone who is elder to you be it your elder sisters/brothers and any one else.

  1. How to say how old are you to unknown persons

timro Umer kati ho? तिम्रो उमेर कति भयो ?

Another way of asking the age is by saying, ‘ Umer Kati ho?’. This phrase literally translates to ‘Whats the age?’ It sounds a bit rude and informal to Nepali tongue. So, this can be used to ask the age of those who are juniors to you or your same age and counterparts. Umer is the Nepali word for age. So, asking umer kati ho is the most direct way of asking somebody their age. But while asking those who are strangers and those who are respected to you, be careful not to use this phrase. This one is a bit direct and informal in its ways.

One advantage of this phrase is that you can use this phrase to know the age of the unknown person. If you are unsure he/she is younger or elder, you can use this phrase to know their actual age and find out if the person is younger or elder to you.

  1. Formal way to ask age

Kati barsa ko hunubhayo? कती बर्ष को हुनु भय ो?

This is a more respectful way of asking somebody their age. If the other person is older and you want to be respectful either because of age or just because of seniority, you can use this phrase. The phrase literally translates to ‘How old are you?’ It can be used to somebody older or senior to you because the use of word hunubhayo connotes seniority. In this phrase, you are very respectfully asking the other person how old he or she is.

  1. Umer? उमेर ?

The beauty of Nepal language is that you can use just a word and the rest is done by the gestures. Umer? This actually is a very direct way of asking somebody their age. The phrase literally just means to ask ‘Age?’ For official purposes or otherwise also, if you do want to ask somebody their age, you can just question them ‘umer?’ The ones who understand Nepali will definitely answer you with their age. It is the simplest of all the questions. If you are having a hard time learning Nepali and would want to stick to easier options that are shorter rather than the longer phrases for questions, you can use this.

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But, be careful while asking this to seniors or somebody older to you. You are not supposed to ask something so directly. But, for other purposes, you can definitely use this word. Also, if you are someone who is not from Nepal then it will be understood that you are trying to ask for the age. So, even if the other person is older to you he or she might not take any offense in it.

Though this is a direct way of asking age, this can be a good option if you are new to Nepali language reading and is looking for a short form to ask the age of next person.

  1. How to ask age to a stranger indirectly

Kati saal ko ho tapain? कती साल को हो तपाई ं?

Another good way of asking somebody their age in Nepali is by saying ‘Kati saal ko ho Tapain?’ This phrase is literally just saying ‘What year were you born in?’ but here, the intention is the same. By asking the year the other person is born in you are basically just asking the age. So, this is a good way of asking somebody their age. It is not a direct and offensive way. In fact, it is the least offensive of all if you have to ask for somebody’s age.

You can use this phrase for anyone, maybe it your juniors or seniors or colleagues. For junior, however, instead of the word ‘tapain’, you should say ‘timi’. Timi would be more appropriate for those that are junior to you. So, make sure you use the appropriate pronouns and terms of reference while addressing people that are junior or senior to you in Nepal. It is a sensitive thing to learn especially for those who come from a western culture that is different in its values and ways of addressing.

So, if you want to know the age of a person while being indirect, you can use this phrase and be more creative. While the intention remains the same, this is more polite and formal way of asking the age of anyone.

  1. Formal way of asking age

Umer Kati hola? हजुरको उमेर कती होल ा?

This is a more formal way of asking somebody their age. You can use this phrase to ask about the age of someone who you share a formal relationship with as opposed to informal one. It is not as direct as asking what is your age. Rather it is like asking May I know your age. And obviously, from the language itself, you can understand how different they sound from each other. While asking women or girls with whom you are not that close and you are worried that they might take it offensively, you can use this phrase.