How Do You Say Have a Good Day in Nepali Language

How Do You Say Have a Good Day in Nepali Language

How Do You Say Have a Good Day in Nepali Language: – Being nice and treating others in a nice and polite manner is such a beautiful thing that a person can ever have. You don’t need any special powers or you don’t have to put much effort into being nice to the person you meet or see daily. All you need is a few words, words that reflect how much you love them and care about them. Well, it is often said that being nice to others doesn’t cost you anything. See the thing about being nice to others for no reason at all is considered as a good thing and it is appreciated by almost every person living in the world. Not only it is appreciated by the human but also the living animals around us like the pet that you have in your home or the pet that is currently sitting right next to you.

Saying a Good Day Is Nice

The truth about being nice is that it develops a positive vibe for you and also fills the surroundings with a lot more positivity and happiness. A person can be nice to other by doing tons of different things such as in a bar you can greet the person who’s next to you or simply you can smile at them when you made an eye contact with them or you can help someone get up who fell down on the road or you can simply end a conversation by saying “It was really nice meeting you. Have a good day.” to a new person that you just met.

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how to say have a good day in Nepali language


Okay! Let’s be honest you are in this situation. You are in a bar and suddenly a guy shows up and starts a conversation with you. Both of you are having a nice little talk on a topic and at the end of the conversation, the guy says “It was a pleasure talking to you. Have a good day ahead.” and walks out the door. How does it feel? Yeah I know right, it does feels very delightful and nice when someone wishes some good about you.

You will probably be delighted by that guy’s behavior. That’s what happens when someone is treated nicely. It really feels nice to be treated nicely by someone other but it always feels nicer to treat other people nicely. Wishing someone good day would mean a lot to that person.


It reflects that you wish for good things to happen in their life. Especially, it would mean a lot to the person that is in your life such as your colleague, your relatives, your parents and your partner.


How to Say Have A Good Day In Nepali In Different Styles

Now, the way of treating nicely may differ from person to person, especially it differs from country to country but no matter how different they are, all of them communicates the same thing called love and care.

Here are some of the lists of different ways to wish someone “good day” in Nepali:

1. Shubha Din (शुभ दिन)

It’s the most commonly used phrase while wishing someone good day. People will ultimately feel your love and care towards them if you use this phrase. All you trying to do is wish a good day ahead through this phrase. You can use this phrase to anyone, your mother, your father, your brother/sister, your classmate, your co-worker.

2. Timro din shubha rahos (तिम्रो दिन शुभ रहोस्)

It is another decent way of wishing someone for a good delightful day ahead.

It reflects your politeness and caring heart for others. This phrase actually says “I wish your day ahead would be great.” It can be used for your co-workers, classmates, your girlfriend/boyfriend too.

3. Shubha prabhat (शुभ प्रभात)

This is also one of the easy and proper ways of wishing a good day for someone close to you, or someone you truly care about. It also reflects your polite and nice behavior.This particular phrase can be used at the end of the conversation or at the time of leaving the person or the place. It can be used for wishing your loved ones and your relatives.

4. Tapai ko din safal ra sukha rahos (तपाईको दिन सफल र सुख रहोस्)

If you want someone to feel a lot more better then you should probably use this very phrase. This is a simple way of wishing for someone’s happiness and success throughout the day. What you are trying to convey through this message is that you wish that their day ahead would be joyful and successful. Since this phrase is used to wish for someone’s happiness and success so it can be used for your parents, family, colleagues, anyone.

5. Bihani ko sunaulo ghar sari tapaiko din pani sunaulo rahos बिहानीको सुनौलो घर सरी तपाईको दिन पनि सुनौलो रहोस्

Now, this is something you can use for wishing a great day to a person who is elder than you. Let’s say it could be your father, mother or grandpa-grandma or your uncle or your aunt, even you can say it to your relatives. It is always said early in the morning when you meet the person or you can just place a call in the morning and wish for them or simply you can send a text with some pretty little emojis.


Well, no matter how yo do it or no matter how you say it that really doesn’t matter. What truly matters is the attitude or the feelings that you have when you wish something good for others. For an example, if you wish a good day to a person with negativity in your heart then it would be termed fake but in the same situation if you are wishing a person with your inner heart then that would be real. So it is better to wish for someone with all your than to wish for someone with no real intention or the feeling. Let’s treat everyone nicely because everyone in this world deserves to be treated nicely and at the end of the day everyone wants to be treated nicely, your friends, your enemies your parents or the guy in your class who gets bullied on a regular basis, everyone in this world wants to be treated nicely.